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d i g i t a l
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The platform for digital securities issuance and

Unlock trillions dollars opportunity for investors and issuers

Enable the new form of private equity investment

Pixelogy is a global trusted solution to digitize or tokenize securities such as fund, private equity and real estate. We unlock trillions dollars opportunity for investors and issuers to participate in the new era of private equity investments

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What Is Tokenization

Tokenization is a process of converting the value of a security or asset into digital token that can be subdivided, traded and accessible globally. Rights of a security or asset is attached to the digital token and records of transfers and ownership of the digital tokens are recorded in the Blockchain. Tokenization allow companies to raise fund, pursue investment opportunity or divest asset

Type of assets

Any asset with value can be tokenized
as digital security.Example includes

  • Equty in Businesses
  • Investment Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Income Generating Assets

Benefit of Digital Securities

Digital Securities is a novel way of capital raising and offer better protection to both investors and issuers. Some of the benefits in digital securities are:

New Class of Investors

Support Cryptocurrency capital raising, which opens up a new class of investors, including 2 Billion unbanked population.


Programmable security eliminates middlemen involvement and automatically enforce investors and issuers rights i.e. dividend payment


Access to extensive global pool of investors and potential trading at secondary market i.e. crypto exchanges.

Fractional Ownership

Fractionalize security allow investors to participate in investment opportunity which previously have no access to or unaffordable


Digital securities information, rights and ownership are stored in the Blockchain and available for public to review and audit.


Digital securities automation drive cost and time efficiency in capital raising and security’s rights enforcement.

Pixelogy Platform

Pixelogy is an end-to-end, feature-rich platform and services to issue, transfer and manage the digital securities on the Blockchain.

Complete Solution

Our solution cover both the primary issuance and lifecycle management of the digital securities across multiple use-cases and industries, including flexible capital raising options, fiat and cryptocurrency support, automated governance and economic rights enforcement using Smart Contract.

Built-In Compliance

Pixelogy provides multi-layer compliance functions to support the issuance of multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliant digital securities. These functions include electronic and video-based KYC, on-going real-time AML transaction monitoring and transfer and ownership restriction enforcement using Smart Contract.

Collaborative Platform

Our collaborative platform supports the participation from the global community in Digital Securities space, including legal firm, licensed broker/dealer, marketing professional, crypto exchanges and technology advisors. Issuer can easily discover and communicate with the service provider from the platform’s directory.

Investor Friendly

Investor can easily access the complete information of the Digital Security in our platform, including the investment information and supporting legal documentation. Rights enforcement ensure investors automatically receive token and dividend while milestone-based disbursement protect investors’ funds from exit scam.

Issuer Friendly

Pixelogy provides rich features and precision-level control for issuer to issue and manage compliant-based digital security i.e. multi-vesting period, bonus, limited-participation, redemption, dividend distribution, voting, investor management, communication and reporting.

Support Services

To ensure the success of the capital raising, Pixelogy together with our partners provide hosts of support services such as cryptocurrency escrow and custodian using BitGo™, manual KYC, investor accreditation and investor roadshow.

The Process


Legal Setup

Define financial instrument for the security i.e. asset, private equity, real estate

Select jurisdiction and law for the digital security issuance

Consult legal, tax and financial advisors as appropriate


Digital Security Setup

Define capital raising objective, offer, rules, restriction and parameters

Provide supporting information and legal documentations

Select Third-Party providers i.e. marketing or legal as needed


Digital Security Publishing

Approval and/or sign-off by legal and regulator, if necessary

Generate digital security smart contract and enforce rules and restriction on-chain

Digital security goes live and available for investment


Compliance based Investment

Perform KYC on potential investors

Only approved investors based on the rules and restriction allow to purchase digital security

Ongoing AML transaction monitoring to ensure compliance


Digital Security Governance

Tokens distribution to investors upon sale end

Fund distribution subjected to rules and restriction in the jurisdiction i.e. milestone-based disbursement

Ongoing compliance i.e. transfer & ownership restriction and governance i.e. investors right, disclosure and reporting

Benefit for Investors

Pixelogy gives you access to and invest alongside institutions in quality and high-yield investments like funds, private equity and real estates at lower minimums, allowing you to invest in opportunities which previously out of reach.

Enhanced Liquidity

The potential to trade 24/7/265 on licensed trading/cryptocurrency platform and near instantaneous settlement on peer-to-peer trading provides better liquidity on private equity investments.

Seamless Investing Experience

Pixelogy replace the usual tedious paperwork with an all-in-one platform, from onboarding and investor accreditation to access investment details, make payment and monitor investment performance.

Benefit for Issuers

With Pixelogy, you can compliantly issue digital security, access to the global investors, including those previously unreachable and unbanked and enjoy enhanced liquidity from potential secondary trading.

A Better Way to Raise Capital

Pixelogy provides a complete platform to help you raise capital faster and at lower cost, at the same time comply with the relevant securities regulations and applicable laws. Pixelogy simplify the task of connecting your investment with potential investors around the world.

Proven And Trustworthy Platform

Pixelogy is an institutional-grade platform built with the highest levels of security, compliance and scalability features such as integration to BitGo™ for custodian and multi-signature wallet, smart contract audited by security engineer and hosting on Amazon Web Services.